Player on FOCUS

Player on FOCUS (Player to Progress)

Here you may find information from our team about players that will progress quickly in the season – Why not starting from the next round…

12.04.2013 – Our first Footura Player on FOCUS:

Stanislav Manolev 
Season overview 2012/2013: 

2012 – PSV Eindhoven

Eredivisie – matches – 2, minutes played – 180, no goals, no assists

KNVB Beker – matches – 2, minutes player – 180, no goals, no assists

Europa League – matches -4, minutes played – 340, no goals, no assists

2013 – On loan Fulham

Premierleague – matches – 2, minutes played – 170 no goals, no assists

2012-2013 World Cup qualification Europe zone – 5 matches, minutes played – 446, 3 goals, 0 assists

Comment: Very good right back – right midfielder, he will show his skills when his current team Fulham gives him more time to play and several matches in a row


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